3 November 2005

Wolfram Tones: Generate a Composition

Stephen Wolfram is a particular kind of person. He's a physicist with an applied understanding of mathematics. Probably best known for his book A New Kind of Science, he has now taken this to new level - "...using a new kind of science to create a new kind of music".

On his website,
Wolfram Tones: Generate a Composition, you can create a ringtone and have it sent to your mobile phone. I enjoyed simply playing with the music generator for a bit until I found just the right combination of sounds that resonated with me.

You can make this complex or simple - your choice. that's what makes this so fun. If you have a little bit of understanding of the mathematics behind music and computer composition, you'll get straight into the composition controls: the generator, the instrumentation, the pitch mapping and the time controls. Otherwise, just click on jazz or blues or any of the 15 choices.

Give it a try and become a musician...create your own personalized ringtone.

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