5 November 2005

Online Library Blogs and Wikis

I have a great respect for librarians because of their ability to categorize knowledge. Back in the dark ages, I used to use the library like some people use their phones - all the time. It was the repository for everything I needed to know. Today, it's the Internet.

Jenny Levine is a librarian with a great blog - the Shifted Librarian, which covers a lot of territory to help other librarians get technologically savvy. Last week she posted a Blogs Vs. Wikis Presentation, comparing one selected library blog to one selected library wiki to explore what's working and what isn't with both tools. Remember, this about sharing and accessing information.

The take-away from what they experienced :
1. Technorati was a resource that pulled everything together that had been posted (if everything was tagged and pinged) - and made it easy to find things
2. Flickr was human and tagged and fun

How many of you still visit the real library?

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