20 November 2005

Satellite Culture – Are we being watched?

Are we naïve? I watched a program about the power of private defense contractors to the military in several countries. It made me really think about how naïve we really may be.

Satellites can find us anywhere on earth through our mobile phones, our automobiles or some other digital signal. They can see and hear almost everything we do. This realization makes us aware of the importance of our own security and privacy.

This also works the other way around. With access to those satellites in space, we can make contact, see and hear almost anyone or anywhere. But, we are not the ones with access.

Who’s watching the space cowboys who are watching us? Do we need to be concerned? What are they doing with the information that they collect on us? Are we part of a program called Dynamic People Management?

Google Maps has people talking. The resolutions are minimal compared to the government satellites that can identify objects 6 inches apart. (This is certainly far better than plugging in your coordinates from your mobile to Google Maps and seeing your location.) That means “they” can read your newspaper over your shoulder from outer space. Who contracts the government satellites and how do they use the information they collect?

Who’s controlling space? No one owns it. Everyone puts satellites into space. How do we know that there are not satellites with laser capabilities aimed at strategic locations on earth?

Telelcommunication, GPS, weather satellites play role in our lives. Are satellites with military application in conflict with our beliefs if they can instigate war? Does satellite garbage endanger our telecommunications or weather? Can the nuclear debris from plutonium-enriched rockets that launch satellites into space fall back into the earth atmosphere and harm us?

What are the true benefits of satellites? Are we just moving forward blind to the consequences because we are too busy enjoying the benefits of expanded media and communications, our mobile phones and all the other toys coming into our lives?


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