28 November 2005

Brand Innovation Practices

Sometimes I take for granted what I do for living. Helping companies build brand innovation practices into their way of doing things can open up opportunities, build new revenue streams and bring people into play with one another. And yet, how many companies are actually investing their time and money into brand innovation? The decision makers still think it costs too much to get a program like this started - or too invasive because it distracts people from attending to the tasks at hand.

With all these wonderful tools and applications and platforms from social media, we're headed into a new frontier in brand innovation practices. For such a long time, we didn't have the easy, affordable and accessible tools to support the programs we would set up for clients. Now, with WiFi and the click of the entry button on our laptops, we're set up and engaging people in teamwork. It enhances what people do because it captures the value of their networking. It's developmental and leads to those new ways, new markets, new opportunities.

What used to take weeks to put together is now accomplished in a few hours...and it's a lot more fun and visual.

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