15 December 2005


Joshua Schachter sold Del.icio.us to Yahoo last week! That takes tagging into the mainstream now. I wonder whether Yahoo! is going to try and combine or somehow blend My Web2.0 into Del.icio.us.

It's interesting to watch how Yahoo! is building its innovative strength by buying unique and successful social media brands that have opened up categories - like Flickr (for photo storage, sharing and tagging) and Del.icio.us (for bookmark storage, sharing and tagging). Nice strategy to compete with Google, who innovates by invention.

Makes me wonder who's next? Could be that ex-Yahoolian, Seth Godin, had an instinct when he started Squidoo. Speaking of Squidoo, they are struggling with a wee bit of technical difficulty today. I really do love developing those Squidoo lenses.

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