6 December 2005

Squidoo is almost ready for release!

Though it is still in beta mode, Seth Godin has once again created a whazzo marketing tool for ideas - Squidoo.

Squidoo is an online social application equipped with RSS, a module formatted template, supported by Google Ads, and has a network of lenses created by individuals about their specialities.

Many of us have been developing lenses, playing with how to put them together, and feeding back through a dynamic Squidoo team. Why have we been doing this? First, it's FUN! But, more importantly, Squidoo is a tool for showcasing ideas, topics, business practices. It's easy-to-read-and-find format creates a "lens" or filter through which viewers can find, learn and access the information about that subject matter.

Because we tag our lenses and keep them "live" through RSS feeds and updated links, they are perfect formats for Google Ads. Once Squidoo is out of beta, each lens will become a revenue stream for the developer of the lens - as well as a window into their expertise or knowledge or connections to a certain topic.

Anyway, I've had fun building some lenses and sharing my feedback. Here's a preview into one of the lenses I built: Squidoo Lens: How to Connect Using SocialMedia

Here's the list of the TOP 100 Squidoo Lenses.

Once Squidoo is out of beta, you should build lenses too and connect them to your site or blog or use them to market yourself.

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