8 December 2005

Parallel DNS System Proposed by Dutch Company

A Dutch company - UnifiedRoot - is introducing a new generation of internet domain names "around the dot". They are offering top level domains (TLD's) with sub-level domains using the name of a person or the company, or actually any name we choose, as the suffix.

This means we can really personalize our domains and clean up the web architecture for our sites. Instead of having to claim several domains - ifccc.org, ifccc.com, ifccc.net, etc. - we could just claim our name as the suffix and then use that to build a more cohesive web domain archtecture. For instance, instead of IFCCC.org, we could use www.wiki.ifccc or www.forum.ifccc or www.projects.ifccc. We could then adapt our email to colby@amsterdam.ifccc or jonathan@london.ifccc. This makes a lot of sense.

This new generation domain system proposed by UnifiedRoot offers us a much more intuitive way to build our Internet addresses and web architecture. This has lots of benefits for users - easy to remember, easy to navigate, less confusion with other companies, branded and personalized.

UnifiedRoot has already established 13 master root servers around the world to handle this domain name system (DNS).

By doing this, UnifiedRoot creates a contradiction for the Internet's principle DNS, run by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), because it establishes a parallel DNS system.

What does this mean for our ISP's? They will need to add these newly established DNS servers from UnifiedRoot in their DNS server directories. European ISP Tiscali has already made the change, along with several local ISPs in Turkey.

We're always looking for examples of real innovation here in The Netherlands - well, this is definitely one!

Unified Root is a B.V. based in Amsterdam, and their managing director is Erik Seeboldt.

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