27 December 2005

Looking back on 2005

As I look back on 2005 to take a measurement of what happened, what created new value, and what I said goodbye to, I realize that I rarely look back. I am always so busy with the here and now that I often do not take the time to review and evaluate on a longer term "look back".

I want to review what created "impact" in my life on a new value level. Over the next few days, I am taking the time to really have a look at what has impacted my personal world, my working world, my creative world, my academic world and my inner world.

Just off the top of my head, I can immediately see that my partners in IFCCC have contributed to my growth and enjoyment of work and life. New technology always plays a role, but in 2005 I realized that capturing sets of tools and applying new technology could be a new value path. This also has something to do with realizing that I can repackage much of my content and repurpose it to create value in new environments and for new groups of people.

2005 was a year of letting go of old ways - mostly old family habits - and giving myself permission to make myself the center of my own world and not feel obliged to always do what's expected. So, I surprised people this year and shared myself in a new ways. I think this was connected to a renewed yoga practice because of a very special teacher.

So, I am drawing and mapping out what impacted my life and created value in 2005. With that in hand, I will map out a new vision for moving forward with some solid steps for repackaging many of my "products" and services so that I can use them to help others become more collaborative, more creative and more connected.

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