10 September 2005

Dinnerbuzz - Social Guide to Dinner and Drinks

Dinnerbuzz is an online social guide to restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. They say that they want to make it easy to find a place for dinner or drinks anywhere in the world. It seems very American at the moment.

What I really liked was the tagging element. This is a great application for tagging. Check out the tags they already have. What if we were to expand those with a more culinary descriptive language?

"Dinnerbuzz is a community of people sharing information about the places they've visited. When you post, your tags are shared with everyone. Tags make it easy to find places you might not have known about before. And since Dinnerbuzz enables you to filter tags locally, finding interesting places (and people) is quick and easy!"

How about if we start to add places we like to eat in our cities - from Europe, Asia, South America and Australia.

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