8 September 2005

Business Models & Roles We Play

Lately, I've been coaching a lot of people about the importance of really understanding a business model and their roles inside those frameworks. Wanting to make something happen and the ability to see a clear path to actually realize that can be worlds apart. Generally, it has more to do with mis-alignment and less to do with the wonderfulness of the idea or project.

Business models set up a framework to capture value in a particular way. People working inside those frameworks with responsibility for financial performance have a clear agenda of how to keep the machine oiled and running.

Perhaps, we need to spend more time figuring out our true roles and our own business models so that we can easily identify a good fit for our ideas and projects with other business models. Personal development paths integrated into our professional paths can lead us into worlds that bring continual enjoyment and enrichment.

I want to create a fun ways to help people bring this into their professional life. Not only would it help the individual, but it would certainly help organizations get the right people into the right roles. That would make our world as customers much more enjoyable. This is the Future of Fun Ideas.

Let me know if you've run across a company that seems to be doing this well. I'd like to film interviews with people inside that organization on how it impacts their job enjoyment - and their performance.

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