3 September 2005

Compelling Interview with the Mayor of New Orleans

I listened to a compelling Interview with Ray Nagin, the Mayor of New Orleans through a link from Joho the Blog. In this interview, he speaks his mind and heart and pleads with anyone willing to listen. He asks for help in a very constructive way, identifying the need for organized troops and assets like hundreds of buses with drivers to remove people from the devastation. He explains the situation and the how politics is hindering progress. By the end of the interview, I had tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat because I finally understood what they have to face in trying to cope with all the elements involved in this disaster.

Before talking on the role of Mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin had never held political office. He was vice president and general manager for Cox Communications where he transformed the local operations of the cable company into one of Cox's most profitable assets.

In giving such a forthright interview, he has broken all the rules of politics. Bravo. Listen to his interview and then go online and find a way to help.

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