10 September 2005

Conscious Awareness

Conscious awareness probably sounds like saying the same thing twice. Conscious awareness is about being authentically present with what is happening around you.

Many of us race through our day trying to cope with an over-abundance of input, choices, and tasks we must accomplish. We miss many opportunities simply because we are "unaware". So, how do we tune ourselves into who and what is really important and to what can - or could - contribute to enriching our lives and our work?

This simple act of presence requires a different mindset. Letting go of impatience and irritation with situations and people creates a space where we can see a situation more clearly and also see and sense our role in that situation more realistically.

Try an experiment with yourself. Instead of jumping to conclusions, judging people and situations, and expecting something to happen a certain way...try to observe what's going on and get a sense of what's at play. What are the circumstances and who is playing into the situation and where are you in this stage? How are you experiencing this...and how are others experiencing you?

Let me know what shows up in a new way and brings unexpected opportunities with it.

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