13 May 2010

Preparing your website development for the near future now - Choosing for hosting, servers, cloud computing & integration

For Kids2020Foundation.com, we have been getting informed by the experts about how to make choices for hosting and servers. Cost, security, scaleability and processes. The words of wisdom have been "cloud computing" -using services like Amazon's or Google's. 

Ran across this article from ZDNet, which explains the key integration issues and benefits.

"Cloud-based integration platforms allow you to design, build, monitor, and manage integrations centrally (from the cloud) - yet deploy just the runtime to where the integration needs to occur – either in the cloud or on premise."

Separating the runtime, while unifying the administrative and management functions, eliminates unneeded complexity and dramatically increases the quality of:

1. Collaboration
2. Component Re-use
3. Data visibility and control
4. Policy standardization and enforcement
5. Configuration management
6. Monitoring
7. Auditing/validation
8. Reporting

They deliver the same benefits as SaaS applications themselves including:

1. Significantly reduced cost structure
2. No integration products to install and maintain
3. Automatic upgrades – no “rev lock” issues
4. Usage based pricing – can start small and expand over time
5. Global connectivity and access

Added benefit - positioned for the future - With a cloud integration platform, applications and data sources outside your firewalls can easily be added to your portfolio using the same distributed runtime, centralized management framework."

Read more here: http://bit.ly/axKfuj

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