10 May 2010

Panel of experts discuss implications of Facebook as parallel social universe

The Allure of the Hive: Social Networking and Social Change

Participants: Nicole Ellison, David Kirkpatrick, Dhiraj Murthy, Sean Parker, Andrew Rasiej (other panelists TBA)


"Facebook is more than a "social network." It is a parallel universe of relationships and social life, which for many of its 500 million users has become a field of action nearly as significant as their real-world interactions. The average American user spends more than six hours per month on Facebook, and increasingly uses it as a primary tool for communication. Facebook and other Internet social media occupy a larger and larger portion of the time people spend online, becoming massively potent forces of change whose impact we are only beginning to comprehend. 

How does the new world of digital "friendship" affect our social life in the real world? How are we ourselves changing as we increasingly inhabit yet another virtual universe? What does the growing penetration of Facebook and social media portend for the way life will be lived, and how will it affect how we organize ourselves, from family life to politics? 

One of the primary architects of Facebook joins experts on individual empowerment and Internet media to elucidate the impact of this looming presence in modern life."

Also read the supporting blog from Huffington Post explaining more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jim-luce/allure-of-the-hive-expert_b_569444.html 

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