7 January 2007

Celsias.com Offers Carbon Credits as Currency

A New Zealand company has applied to patent Celsias.com, the world's first online community that allows regions, businesses or community groups to receive payments for reducing the carbon emissions from their everyday energy use. Celsias.com is built upon a fast growing global economy that recognizes energy savings - your carbon emission reductions or carbon credits - as a form of currency.

With Celsias you can now track, create and trade this new currency on the Internet.

Calculate the carbon footprint of your home, your business, your community group or any other entity. Create carbon credits for yourself by learning how to reduce your carbon emissions and by searching for and buying the world's most energy efficient products and services. Sell these carbon credits to other Celsias members anywhere around the world.

Follow their blog to keep up with what they're doing.

Register now on Celsias.com.

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