15 January 2007


Since we started the Sustainable Futures Foundation last year, I have been tracking what people are doing about implementing sustainable ideas. That brought the New Zealand company Celsias onto my radar, and I blogged last week about their website to track and trade carbon credits. I've been reading their very informative Celsias blog. Today, Craig Mackintosh spotlighted the Breathing Earth site in their Celsias blog.

Breathing Earth maps the carbon emissions and birth and death rates of every country in the world. Just mouse-over any country and see what is happening. This is a very interesting visualization of data.

David Bleja from Stillwater Microcosm has taken data from Wikipedia, the World Factbook and the United Nations. If he were able to map the real live data into this map, it would give us a live tool for watching our impact on the earth.

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