18 June 2006

Working Session on Networks of Meaning

It has been a whirlwind of events, meetings and working sessions over the past couple of weeks. I'm trying to catch up with my emails, reading, writing and posting notes to the wikis and blogs and forums. There are so many great clients and projects right now. My decision over the winter to put a project evaluation process into place has really worked out for the best.

Some of our IFCCC projects are beginning to take shape. On June 10th, Ton, Valeri, Alex and I met at Ton's & Elmine's place in Enschede to map out how we were going to address building a prototype for the Networks of Meaning project.
Valeri Elmine Alex Ton.JPG

Our collective vision is to create an application that allows people to visually describe concepts - getting them past the limitations of languages and words - to create understanding. We know that one of the most difficult hurdles we'll have to cross is developing a cultural filter algorithm. We're collecting samplings of images now and tagging them to play with during the next session.

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