24 May 2006

Competing on How We Share Information

We're in a competition - no longer for product - but for how we share information. The content, and its package, formats and channels that we use to build our story, is key to how we build value.

Expertise in this area is no longer about PR or advertising, but in how to competently express an idea and how to align that idea and share its expression with compatible communities. How we share and build the story in those relationships will set the scenario for how those communities continue to share it with others.

Meaning and purpose play the greatest role here. Social media campaigns position and profile our ideas by connecting the purpose to people with great meaning and context.

We see ad agencies and even new media agencies trying to build social media campaigns based on the old tradition of “selling” product. Don’t you find that an intrusion in a world where you’re sharing ideas?

What works best for you when someone wants to share the value of something or sell something? Is the real difference the sense that something seems either authentic or contrived? Or, does it have to do more with something else? Share some of your stories about what works for you and what doesn’t.

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