21 May 2006

Are you exploring innovation as a culture?

This was a week of surprises for new business opportunities. We've been asked to explore some new client relationships - both need communication strategies for new media. As if this wasn't wonderful enough, I get a phone call from the USA about our campaign - "Exploring Innovation as a Culture" - for Nederland. They read my blog postings on "The Big Idea and Exploring Innovation as a Culture. They are developing a city campaign for New York and wanted to know if I would be interested in helping them. They are planning a conference to launch their campaign and also asked me if I would be interested in speaking about the European perspective on innovation. I was completely chuffed when they asked if I would mind if they called the campaign "Exploring Innovation as a Culture". Of course, I said, "Yes, spread the word, and remember that it can not be trademarked or copyrighted because it is covered by a Creative Commons license." This made them even more curious about what this really means, so they want to learn more about how we are actually "putting all this social media to work"."

These prospective new clients came through my personal relationships that have developed over time, through a conference, and through my blog. What I found surprising is the depth of discussion with each person. Social media not only gives us tools and new ways to connect, but it also sets the stage for more meaningful conversations and experiences...even in business.

If you are also exploring innovation as a culture, I would really enjoy hearing about your thoughts and experiences.

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