19 February 2006

Sossoon - New Business Networking Platform

Sossoon is a relatively new networking platform that serves as a hub for closed communities. There has been so much going on in this area regarding online social and business networking platforms.

Earlier this month, Eric Woerdeman, one of the founders of the Sossoon platform, met with me in my studio. It was refreshing to listen to someone who openly shared his “aha” moment of moving from business transaction thinking into realizing the value of building human and social capital. He experienced this transformation while he and his partner were developing and getting Sossoon up and running.

Their proposition is to build a platform propagated by closed business groups that require a customized space to share discussions and documents, manage events and projects, and evolve in how they collaborate with one another. They want to be the networking platform that services groups and communities of practice that recognize the value of having such a platform. While doing that they can work closely with people in these groups to create an online space that accommodates the behavior and needs of the group – an intuitive partnership.

Sossoon's strength will be in their profiling techniques, reaching toward finding the right alignments between people and ideas and projects. They have a VisualSpace that's worth exploring - give it a try.

This is something new - intuitive and responsive platforms that are open to serving a purpose for their communities, rather than having their communities serve a purpose for them. I see this new kind of citizen-based paltform growing. My bet is on them growing a sustainable and valuable business.

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