19 February 2006

Forrester's Report on Social Computing

Last week, Forrester released its report on Social Computing: How Networks Erode Institutional Power, And What to Do About It.

Since much of the work we do deals with the impact of social media on innovation, this was not news to us. Rather, it was a wonderful confirmation that we are certainly on the right track in how we address the innovation issue in companies.

The Table of Contents includes:

Technology Embeds Itself In Social Behavior
• Technology Brings Power To The Masses
• Social Trends Fuel Technology's Changing Role
• Why You Should Care About Social Computing

The Tenets Of Social Computing
• Innovation Will Shift From Top-Down To Bottom-Up
• Value Will Shift From Ownership To Experience
• Power Will Shift From Institutions To Communities

The Economic Value Of Social Computing
• Creating Value Means Relinquishing Control

This report also includes downloadable figures:
• Figure 1: Technology And Social Factors Converge To Create Social Computing
• Figure 2: The Many Forms Of Social Computing
• Figure 3: An Aging Population Is More Socially Motivated
• Figure 4: Why You Should Care About Social Computing
• Figure 5: The Three Tenets Of Social Computing
• Figure 6: Moving From Top-Down To Bottom-Up Innovation
• Figure 7: Experiences Span Product And Industry Boundaries
• Figure 8: The Economic Value Of Social Computing
• Figure 9: Social Computing Requires A New Marketing Tool Kit

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