28 February 2006

Invest in Modo Fac Central

I am a great fan of Kerry Santo’s heartbeat. She’s captured the meaning of the new millennium. A couple of years ago, Kerry started an idea movement - Modo Fac Central - that has emerged into a brand, which is attracting participants from all over the world. MFC creates the space for people to come together in common cause and grow from helping one another to get back on track on the human self-sustainability scale.

Kerry believes that the power of purpose in our lives is what makes the difference. Now we can share that not only with one another, but also with those who seem to have lost theirs and just need a spotlight on where to walk again.

If you ever wanted to invest in something that would grow human value through personal development, this is the place! Share your thoughts, your time, your talents, your contacts, your extra money - and help us build a foundation that creates a path for people to contribute what they’re best doing.

Kerry has already created the online space where members share ideas. She even created an alter ego for MFC - Scarybirds - to enslave people in having fun while generating a revenue stream for MFC. She a livewire ful of ideas.

Now, she wants to get the bricks and doors and tables together in a physical space in Edinburgh. Please go to the Modo Fac Central dropbox and make your contribution to this effort. Edinburgh is a wonderful place. When Kerry first showed me the building, I thought "We can just get people to buy each brick, door, table, chair, and put their name on it." Help her bring this location to life.

If you would like to talk to Kerry Santo, please send her an email - kerry.santo@gmail.com - to make an appointment to chat on Skype.

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