30 May 2005

Portugal to get world's first commercial wave farm

This news article from Reuters caught my attention because I used to live in Portugal, and the name of my company years ago was Waves. As I read further, I realized this is quite an innovative solution, making use of nature's water power.

The Scottish company Ocean Power Delivery (OPD) is going to build a wave farm off the coast north of Oporto near the town of Povoa de Varzim - a charming seaside place that's like stepping back into time. These underwater, long, sausage-like tubes will generate 2.25 megawatts of power for the renewable energy group Enersis. OPD is backed by Norwegian Norsk Hydro.

Not only does this effort save people from carbon dioxide emissions, it saves the planet from global warming. I just wonder what the impact is on the local eco-sealife?

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