30 May 2005

The Dutch DARE - Digital Academic REpositories

Innovation does exist in The Netherlands! Take a look at what Dutch academics have collectively and effectively created by agreeing to open source their papers and share their knowledge - DAREnet. Digital Academic REpositories (DARE) has archived over 40,000 papers from 16 universities and made them available to the public. This is a permanent storage, which leaves a legacy of knowledge for future generations.

Just click on a name from the list of institutions and you link directly to their depot. Of course, this a project in-the-works -- and much of it is in the Dutch language or still under publisher's copyright. Still, what a step forward for a country that likes to charge you for every little step you take. This is also a relief for many academics and students who can no longer afford the expensive academic and scientific journals.

Check out Cream of Science, which lists 25,000 publications from over 200 Dutch scientists and researchers.

Go Open Source! Yea!

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