7 February 2011

What's your #Appitype ? Discover what your #mobile #apps say about you

The adage “you can tell a person by the contents of their handbag” may have been true once, but now all you really need to understand someone is to know how they use their smartphone. The secret to determining someone’s personality lies beneath the apps they’ve installed on their phone.

The Appitypes:

APPTHUSIAST – Appthusiasts are energetic and passionate. They are social creatures who like to know about the latest trends. They are curious, spontaneous and enjoy being involved in diverse pursuits. Their likes/dislikes are illustrated through the content on their mobile; they download lots of apps and use them a lot. Appthusiasts are rarely without their smartphone, sometimes even taking it to sleep with them!

APPCENTRIC – They are hard working, energetic and productive. They have a lot of contacts, are tech savvy, and know how to make their technology serve them best. They’re conventional and prefer data management, numerical and organisational pursuits. Appcentrics get the most out of the more functional apps on their mobile, which they often use as a pocket-sized computer. While they only download apps occasionally, they frequently use them.

LIVE WIRE – Live Wires are active, down-to-earth people who enjoy technical, outdoor and athletic pursuits. Clever and investigative, they’re sociable, have lots of friends and often seek new experiences and adventures, relishing any challenge. They are reliable and productive and this is reflected in their downloads, which tend to be a mix of health/fitness, social and travel related apps.

CREATOR – These people are creative and imaginative. The creator may be a loner or a team player, but when they socialize they often find themselves the life of the party. As natural storytellers, they will not only rely on the creative capabilities of their mobile, but often use social networking sites. They are up on the latest trends and their creative spirit often drives them to brightly coloured phones, illustrating that they are fun and open minded.

CONNECTOR – The connector is personable, confident and curious. They have an uplifting and motivating personality with a knack for making friends and acquaintances in the online or real world. They have a collection of apps that they use again and again, often carrying fun apps on their phone and apps that may be useful to others. They occasionally download free apps and their app catalogue could do with a refresh.

APPRENTICE – The apprentice is sensitive, kind hearted and independent. They’re inquisitive and clever with a solid circle of friends and a select group of passionate pursuits. Apprentices are interested in downloading apps but don’t know where to start. Don’t be fooled by their shy appearance. There is a wild side just waiting to get out!

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