3 February 2011

Time to re-invent education: #Genes play key classroom role - stop instructing, enable #learning to draw out #potential

This requires a new approach. Now, there is also genetic evidence for re-inventing education. 

Understanding a person's genetic disposition Is elemental to creating learning situations to draw out an individual's potential - so that each person can develp and grow. Soon an unique identity profile might define how to customise a learning programme for each person. 

"Instead of a model of instruction in which children are the passive recipients of knowledge, a genetically sensitive approach to education suggests an active view of learning in which children select, modify and create their own education in part on the basis of their genetic propensities."

This type of learning aligns with the contemporary digital behaviour of "select, modify, create". 

This supports the basic premise in our soon to be published book The Quick Start Guide to Making Choices. We explain that the basic principles for making choices are framed by an individual's core values. This disposition gives each person a unique perspective on a situation. I am looking forward to speaking with Dr. Claire Haworth about the possibilities of working with us on the learning programmes for the Kids 2020 Foundation.

Read the BBC reference article here:

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