3 February 2009

A Deep Breath, A Fresh Beginning

I'm sitting here enjoying a cup of tea. The installer has just moved the telephone line from the old studio to my flat - a temporary solution until I find a new work studio. It's quiet, and I feel relaxed and reflective.

What a change from this upheaval of 2 months of moving out of our work space. We've unloaded so much "stuff" that no longer served a purpose in our lives or our way of working. It creates more space - to think, to do, to create.

Creative Awareness

I want to do for myself and my business partner what we've been doing for clients for years - re-purpose and re-launch our brand. When you've been in the creative industry of communication, advertising and media for 30+ years, you need a fresh look at the world and your role in it. We want Quantum Brands BV to have real meaning for our clients - and to create more virtual work and learning environments. We want to build on the values that have meaning for us: creativity, adventure, wisdom, joy, passion.

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Today, I am making a list of things I really enjoy doing. ( I already have that list of things I never want to do again.)

I am also reading through the blogs I've aggregated in Bloglines with pleasure - seeing what catches my eye and my interest. What's hot? What's not?

Though I will continue to dedicate much of my time to Kids 2020 Foundation, I need to discover the kind of work that gratifies the soul of my creativity. Without that, how I can expect myself to inspire others?

What are you doing that really awakens your creativity and brings you to life? Take a deep breath...and...

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