27 December 2008

Trend Map for 2009

Ross Dawson posted a fascinating explanation of a multi-tenacle hydra trend-map for 2009. He identifies the vital trends, risks and danger zones for 2009. Ross is Chairman of the Future Exploration Network, whose Chief Futurist - Richard Watson of What'sNext - created this Trend Map for 2009.

Ross Dawson has identified the following themes :
"SOCIETY: Search for control, enoughism
TECHNOLOGY: Simplicity, Telepresence, Gesture based computing
ECONOMY: De-leveraging, 2-speed economies, Shorter product lifecycles
ENVIRONMENT: Bio fuel backlash, Negawatts, Nuclear power
POLITICS: Virtual protests, Globalisation in retreat, Immigration backlash
BUSINESS: Networked risk, Transparency, Asset price uncertainty
FAMILY: Debt stress, Allowable luxuries, Middle class unrest
MEDIA: Flight to quality, Facebook fatigue, Skimming, Micro boredom"

You can find a larger version of the Trend Map posted on Cambodia4kids.org's photos on Flickr.

Grab a cup of tea and take the time to really explore the Trend Map and Ross Dawson's explanation.

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