4 April 2006

Open Source is Driving a Knowledge Revolution

Just returned from a discussion with Arjan Kamphuis and Gil Agnew in my studio about the role of Open Source in our society. Most people do not realize the pivotal role that Open Spurce plays in liberating knowledge for the masses. Gil related it to the relationship between the printing press and the book. The printing press caused a revolution in literacy once books got into the hands of the masses and out of the control of the keepers.

With behemoths like Microsoft taking up the sound-bite space, it's sometimes difficult to give the purpose of Open Source technology the spotlight and attention that it deserves.

Arjan Kamphuis is a crusader for Open Source. In 2002, he authored and lobbied a parliament motion to make open source software core to the Dutch technology strategy. He believes in Open Source with a passion and is busy rounding up other proponents to really take the message into the heart of Dutch culture. His message is that Open Source is driving a knowledge revolution, much like the printing press did.

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