29 August 2005

Indian Harbor Beach & Eco-Tourism

Indian Harbor Beach 8, originally uploaded by Colby.

This was the view from our apartment balcony towards Cape Kennedy - which you can see at dots on the horizon.

What I found amazing was how empty the beaches were. I ran across more people early in the morning around 7 am during my walk than I saw at any other part of the day.

This community appealed to me because it's a combination of scientists, academics, professionals and people fascinated with space and the sea. From what I experienced during 2 weeks there, this community of people cares about the impact of tourism on its environment. They protect the nesting of turtles along the beaches as well as the nesting ground of birds. The Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge is one of the largest bird sanctuaries in the USA and funded by NASA.

The lifestyle culture there appealed to me. I hope that the Florida Institute of Technology really does invite me back as a Visiting Professor.

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