23 August 2005

Back in Amsterdam after 2 months

Finally returned last week after a hectic 2 months in USA. Over the next few days I hope to catch up and begin once again to post on my blog. I'll also share my experiences and photos from my last stop along the Space Coast in Florida, where I met so many interesting people from Florida Institute of Technology, NASA, and local businesses there looking to expand beyond the US borders.

This trip opened my eyes to many changes going on in the US as well as in business there. Through the coaching that I did, I gleaned quite a bit of insight into issues facing business leaders and the people in their organizations right now - both within the US culture and in global operations.

One note of difference that I immediately appreciated was a genuine offering to collaborate on projects and research. Over the past 18 years here in the Netherlands, I have experienced what I call a protectionist attitude that prevents any real collaboration. Perhaps it's related to how everything here is subsidized. This may be an essential factor in understanding why it is so difficult to grow an innovative culture here. If innovation requires collaboration, how can we address that here to open the climate to the possibilities, instead of all the reasons why we can't do something? Perhaps this insight will help us open a new dialogue.

Has anyone else experienced this as well?

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