28 December 2004

PhysicsWeb - Highlights 2004

As the physics community gets ready to celebrate the centenary of Einstein's papers on relativity, the quantum theory of light and Brownian motion, many of PhysicsWeb's highlights of 2004 can be traced back to what Einstein did in 1905.

Other highlights include evidence for ancient water on Mars, advances in low-temperature physics and the world's smallest atomic clock.

1. Pure and applied quantum physics
2. Putting general relativity to the test
3. Good year for planets
4. Supersolid helium
5. Ultracold Fermi gases
6. Physicists target viruses
7. Electrons in a spin
8. Liquids go against the flow
9. Smallest atomic clock
10. Particles and prizes

Click here to read PhysicsWeb - News - Highlights of the year (December 2004)

You might be surprised just how interesting this is!

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