14 December 2004

Clued In: How to create customer experiences so that they come back again and again

There's a new book out with an inspiring review at FC - Clued In : How to Create Customer Experiences so They Will Come Back Again and Again by Lou Carbone.

First thought - Balancing What Customers Value With What Businesses Value
"In recent years, many businesses - many entire industries, in fact - seem to have lost their sense of balance in this regard. In trying to maximize the value of customers to their businesses, they appear to have lost sight of the need for their organizations to create value for their customers. "

Second thought - Reorienting Priorities
"The question of how to balance the value of the experience to the customer and the value of the customer to the company leads to an opportunity to "value engineer" the relationship between organizations and their customers, thereby making any market segment profitable. "

I could not find it for sale on any of the usual sites. If anyone knows where to buy it, please let me know.

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