1 July 2004

Footprints in the Wind # 488

Food for thought today.

Change leads to conflict.
Conflict arises merely because of increased interaction.
Conflict comes because we resist the death -- death of our old notions, our old ways, our old selves.
Yet death is the twin sister of creativity.
No wonder then that new ideas meet violent resistance -- one must die!
So conflict is to be sought, for therein lies our future, only therein.
Know you not the grave is in your path?

By Douglas D. Germann, Sr. c Copyright 2004, Learning Works, Inc. All rights reserved. Easy reprint permissions: Doug@FootprintsintheWind.com or 574/291-0022 or P. O. Box 2796, South Bend, IN 46680-2796. Archived at Footprints in the Wind

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