20 July 2004

The Conscious Brand: The Physics of Branding

More wanderings through streams of consciousness. After multitudes of discussions and a mini-brain drain, I have tried to carefully land some of my own thinking once again to simplify the role that physics plays in its application to branding and business.

Even when you consider other scientific disciplines, they are still grounded in the atomic structures and dynamic fields of physics. Whether things interact on a biological, botanical, or chemical level, they follow a set of laws determined by physics - the natural basic relationship of everything. Of course, each discipline adds its own extraordinary dimension or spin to a particular domain.

Physics is about the KEY INGREDIENTS to life and HOW they behave.
It�s about HOW LIFE ACTUALLY WORKS - a unique method of inter-relationships.

That�s the natural physical world. Now, add human behavior.

Physical world + human behavior = a collectively conscious world
Science + consciousness

Now you�re dealing with content and context and the MEANING OF IT ALL (and with the implications of its full intention).

So, given this new understanding, what is the physics of brands? It could be the simulation of the symbology of how someone experiences the brand.

If so, then we must look at:
-- physics - the way things organize
-- behavior - the human way of being and
-- semiotics - the symbology

But, there are two things that always work as limiters, things that impede how other people really grasp what we are trying to do.
-- Vision - what we see - the actual
-- Perception - how we see it - the wonder

If we are going to truly demonstrate a Unified Brand Theory, then we need to make sure that we develop the right key ingredients:
-- a unique methodology and process
-- the most interesting toys of the game
-- the perfect symbols of engagement
-- a clear and understandable language of our way of being and doing

Next time, we will consider the symbolic language of the soul of a brand.

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Anonymous said...

Will you consider the difference between classical and quantum branding?