2 January 2011

Europe’s Young Grow Agitated Over Future Prospects - & they are not the only ones - 50-plussers also at risk

From The New York Times:

Europe’s Young Grow Agitated Over Future Prospects

Experts warn of volatility in state finances and the broader society as the most highly educated generation in the history of the Mediterranean hits one of its worst job markets.


Note: Those 50-plussers here in Europe also have no future prospects. Pensions have disappeared in a financial debacle. Opportunities to generate new work are extremely limited. And, the government wants to raise retirement age to 67. If you do not receive unemployment benefits, you are not even counted in statistics for the "unemployed".

Amidst all this, 50-plussers are also looking beyond European borders for opportunities to support themselves. The social contract is strangling them - and they are no longer even beneficiaries of it. Why does the system not work? What kind of new system can evolve from the existing one to include all efforts and not just a select or "loud" group?

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