30 December 2010

The future is fidgetal - Frustration with technology is driving our new scatology

The future is fidgetal

28 December 10 00:54 GMT
Man behind computer

"Technology, and the hype that surrounds it, is changing the way we speak. But we don't have to turn into drones, all spouting the latest i-word. Chris Bowlby says it's time for the techno-bullied to fight back with their own subversive speak.

With the online Oxford English Dictionary recently re-launched and on the look-out for new language, maybe it's time for a counter-revolution.

Can we create a new vocabulary that expresses not marketing mania, but the downside, the frustration, the terrible things we sometimes suspect modern technology is doing to us?

When your cursor makes you a curser, do the necessary words come to mind?

Let's start to talk about the crazily fidgetal, the MisApps, mobile drones and Skypeochondria that afflict us all.

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