6 August 2006

Graziela - My Apprentice is Here!

Several months ago, a young woman from Brazil contacted me about studying and working with me. At first, I thought, "Do I have the time for this?" Then she made the trip to Amsterdam so that we could spend time learning about each other. She impressed me with her daring, her thoughtfulness and her desire to learn about my core work and methodologies.

Graziela Di Giorgi started working with me mid-July. She has focused my attention on bringing all those products to life that have been sitting on the shelf for a long time. We agreed that the best way for her to learn about innovation practices was to engage with each methodology through its different products.
Grazi pensive.JPG
She began learning about Applied Connective Dynamics by building her manifesto for The Evolutionary Brand Called M.E. - My Emergence. For the past three weeks, our studio has been filled with discussions about core human values, vision thinking, and the roles these play in the life choices we make that shape our future. Her astute questioning process has opened my mind to looking at this in a completely new way. When you develop something and work with it as an essential part of life, you become de-sensitized to its nuances. Basically, I take for granted much of the way that people engage with BCME.

I now see a new way to present the idea of values. If I lead with choices, people immediately grasp the importance of being informed about how we make choices. Armed with this new perspective, I am re-shaping and visualizing the material so that it’s inviting and easier to work out your personal content.

Going though this whole exercise with Graziela in such a step by step, personal way has helped me to see that BCME is about personal innovation. We’re all so focused on innovation for our businesses and organizations that we forget that the easiest way to understand and learn how to do something is to make it personal.

So, thanks, Graziela. Let’s continue down this path and see where it leads us. You started out immediately making some key contributions.

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