19 July 2006

Lost your mobile phone?

Microtechnologies - a software company in Mumbai - has developed software to help you find your mobile phone. It's called "Lost Mobile Tracking Solution". For basically $8.00, you download this software into your mobile phone...not the SIM card. The moment someone inserts a new SIM card into your lost mobile, it sends you a text message or email.

Photo © Justin Lee

Now what?!

Ok, this is a GIANT service opportunity. With the millions of stolen phones now made visible through mapping, how do you get your phone back. Or, how can you swap it with someone else locally for theirs, now in your neighborhood?

Mark Edwards, CEO of mFormation, predicts that locking, erasing, and protecting smart phones will be a billion dollar business by 2010. (Thanks to International Herald Tribune 2 May 2006.) That's less than 3 and a half years from now.

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