29 March 2006

The Solar Eclipse 29 March 2006

Since childhood, I've been fascinated by eclipses. My father filled a pail with water and then poked a hole in a piece of cardboard for us to watch our first one.

You can follow the path of the sun and moon by watching this animation from NASA.

According to NASA, "The special coverage is part of Sun-Earth Day, celebrated every year to help everyone better understand how our sun interacts with the Earth and other planets in the solar system. This year's theme, 'Eclipse: In a Different Light' shows how eclipses have inspired people to observe and understand the Sun-Earth-Moon system.

The eclipse coverage also has a historic first. NASA and Libyan scientists are conducting joint scientific activities to observe and study the event. NASA is contacting scientists in Libya to share their comments on their activities as well as their observations."

A total solar eclipse is very rare. In a total eclipse like this one, the entire central portion of the Sun is blocked out and the sky darkens. It did get a bit darker here in The Netherlands, but not like in Libya or Turkey.

Will this solar eclipse portend a rash of events through natural forces, like earthquakes, as feared in Turkey?

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