7 January 2006

The Stuff They Should Have Taught You in Business School

Working on two big projects to fulfill creating some new challenges for myself. One is about about bringing your work into your learning environment and your learning into your work environment. The other is about creating meaningful work.

I am currently building a series of masters courses for executives: The Stuff They Should Have Taught You in Business School

Instead of teaching at the graduate school again, I decided to take the content I teach and repackage it for execs in business. I want to make the content relevant for today's networked economy - and put it into the context of personal performance.

-- series of sessions with lectures, round tables, workshops and coaching
-- supported with online blog, wiki and forum

Performance advantage instead of a diploma

Course List:
- The Roles of Values in Business - How They Drive Behavior and Choices
- Vision! It's Connection to Purpose
- The Difference between the Brand & its Business Model
- Capturing Value in a Network Economy
- What is Socio-Economic Development
- Collaboration - The Secret to Innovation
- The Evolutionary Brand Called M.E. - My Emergence
- Understanding Human Organizational Systems is Key to Capturing Value
- Wiring Up the Brand without the Wires
- How to Build Scenarios
- Creating Meaning at Work"

I am also developing a format for videoblogs: Meaningful Work
-- Series of interviews with people about what creates meaning for them in their work and what they would love to do that they are not doing now.
-- This is about personal empowerment of the true nature of self, freedom to realize what's possible

If you are interested, please let me know.

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