20 July 2005

Speeding through Texas

Trying to beat the hurricane to Houston, I drove like the wind for 15 hours from New Mexico to Houston. Unfortunately, I got caught speeding.

The Texas State Policeman who stopped me was very serious, polite and scrupulously into following an obviously precise procedure. Not at all like the fat, sloppy and practically illiterate cops you see in the films.

By the way, if this happens to you, be prepared to follow this police person into the town to pay the ticket. You have to produce cash to buy a money order, which you then make payable to the name of the judge...yes, the name of the judge. When I mentioned that this sounded a bit corrupt, he answered me with "That's the procedure, m'am."
TX cop speeding ticket
Can you imagine writing a payment for a ticket directly to a judge in Amsterdam, London or Paris?

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