10 November 2004

Death & Destruction in Nederland

Yesterday, many said their final goodbyes to Theo van Gogh - son, brother, friend, film-maker, and controversial journalist.

Theo was assasinated last week by a young Morrocan, educated and raised here in Amsterdam. He murdered Theo for his outspoken and controversial dialogue about fundamental religious impact on women and the community.

Almost immediately, Nederland found itself facing focused terrorist activities - the bombing and burning of an islamitic school for children and booby-trapped building that police are investigating.

The Netherlands is known as a country of tolerance. People can pretty much do what they like and it goes relatively unpunished compared to other countries. Last week changed the dialogue in this land. People are engaging in heated and emotional conversations about their feelings, opinions and most of all, their desire to see a big change in how multi-cultural integration will be handled in the future.

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