23 September 2010

'One app for all' effort launches

"An effort to make apps that can run on any web-ready gadget, from phones to TVs, has been given a cash kickstart by the EU.

A European project to develop an application environment for every internet-connected device has received 10m euros in funding.

The project aims to sidestep operating systems and proprietary app stores by providing a web-based approach."

Go to BBC to read the original article.

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17 September 2010

A new era of 'super Wi-Fi'

From CNN: "Freeing up vacant airways" could lead to extraordinary innovation and expansion. If the USA governmental agency FCC does this, the commercial exploitation could create an economic and cultural shift.


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13 September 2010

Collaboration Aims to Create First Accurate Geometric Map of the Internet

ScienceDaily (Sep. 12, 2010) — 

" Researchers - at the University of California, San Diego, in collaboration with researchers from Universitat de Barcelona in Spain and the University of Cyprus - have created the first geometric "atlas" of the Internet as part of a project to prevent our most ubiquitous form of communication from collapsing within the next decade or so.

They describe how they discovered a latent hyperbolic, or negatively curved, space hidden beneath the Internet's topology, leading them to devise a method to create an Internet map using hyperbolic geometry. 

In their paper, the researchers say such a map would lead to a more robust Internet routing architecture because it simplifies path-finding throughout the network. "


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12 September 2010

"The Grand Design" everything except god with capital "G"

Comprehensive book review that enlightens us deep into the content and how it's delivered. http://m.guardian.co.uk/?id=102202&story=http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2010/sep/12/the-grand-design-stephen-hawking

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9 September 2010

Biometrics research - even twins have unique irises

A biometric is a stable and distinctive physiological feature of a person that can be measured and used to identify that person; the fingerprint is the most familiar example.

Now researchers have discovered irises differentiate each of us uniquely. Read article to discover more....

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